INEX Group adopts business strategy that protects and sustains  good health and well-being of human, affordable and clean energy,  responsible consumptions & production. We are aiming at helping to innovate, develop and implement ideas and technologies that will move the world closer.


When creating Multispace offices,  we focus on the use of green technologies in the design, construction and building  operation and providing wellness in work  environment for all our residents.

This approach helps to reduce the negative impact on the climate, promote well-being and develop happiness among people. Working sustainably involves meeting demands of the expanding population, as well as supporting the environment in the long-term. 

All office spaces that are built according to Multispace standard, meet  all main requirements of two international green certificates - BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) and Fitwel.

We strongly believe that sustainability begins not only  with individuals but also with corporations and thus we tend to be involved in environmental protection and the betterment of our society.